A Tribute to Rugged Adventure Vehicles
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Inspired by the past, built for generations to come. Do everything - even better - with an ultra-capable, zero-emissions vehicle powered by fuel that can be made anywhere there's water and electricity.
Rural Range+
Enjoy 1000 miles of adventure-ready range made possible by advanced hydrogen storage and a class-leading fuel cell. Extend your trip by 40 miles with every hand-portable cartridge you bring along.
Enduring and Capable
Haul what you need and travel anywhere you like with a versatile towing and suspension package built for capable handling on-road and off-road.
Enduring and Capable
Haul what you need and travel anywhere you like with a versatile towing and suspension package built for capable handling on-road and off-road.

Go Anywhere

Roam up to 1,000 miles with a full tank. Add 40 miles of extended range with every hand-portable cartridge you bring along. Return to Base Station for a refill in less than 5 minutes.

Designed for Adventure
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Experience open space with a tactile 7-passenger cabin crafted with saddle leather, Shaniko wool and heirloom materials. Take in the world around you while using minimal assistance from a discrete tech package. Designed for the hours spent driving, not waiting at a fast charger.

Base Station

Make your own fuel - anywhere

2 kg /
120 mi
Daily Hydrogen
Modular and
Easily Expanded
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*The minimum estimated amount of hydrogen produced with a single Base Station module over a 24-hr period

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hydrogen fuel?
Hydrogen is cleaner than fossil fuels, and it can be produced locally wherever there is electricity and water. Local production offers greater choice and energy independence for rural communities and work sites that face gaps in their access to centralized infrastructure. Like other clean technologies, the cost of hydrogen is dropping rapidly. We expect it to be cheaper than diesel in many communities by the end of this decade.

Hydrogen also has capability advantages – it has the energy density and portability to replace fossil fuels in a range of applications that are difficult to electrify with batteries. While lithium batteries can only offer economical back-up power for 4-12 hours, the Base Station can store hydrogen efficiently with minimal losses for days or weeks. That kind of long duration energy storage is becoming more important as electrical grids are strained by wildfires, hurricanes, growing demand for electricity, and the rapid transition to intermittent wind and solar power.

Croft’s fuel and storage products are being designed alongside partners who rely on off-grid power generators, commercial trucks, and off-road equipment to sustain the way they live and work. Agriculture, construction, utilities, forestry, and natural resources are a few of the industries that operate in austere environments and stand to benefit from Croft’s vision of an enduring, local, and clean hydrogen economy.  
Why hydrogen vehicles?
Hydrogen vehicles have the potential to go further and do more than gas-powered equivalents. They can be refueled just as quickly. They can reintegrate cherished technologies that enable familiar driving experiences (e.g., combustion engines and manual transmissions). They can tow, haul, and go off-road with impressive range. None of these statements apply to BEV trucks or SUVs.

A clean vehicle must be able to do what people need it to do, not just what policy-makers suggest is sufficient. Hydrogen is the only fuel that, as of now, can do or exceed what gas and diesel can do in hardworking vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, making it the only fuel that can position clean trucks for mass adoption.  

What kind of vehicles do you make?
A luxury work and adventure SUV with 7-passenger seating, Croft’s flagship vehicle is crafted for refined capability and endurance. Starting with a first-of-its-kind transmission, every feature is designed for go-anywhere, do-any-job capability. Combining premium off-road suspension, class-leading towing and range with a heritage interior comprising heirloom materials, we’re invoking a great new era of American dynamism—only made possible with hydrogen.
How does the Base Station fuel a hydrogen vehicle?
Croft's Base Station offers two methods to refuel a hydrogen vehicle: hand-portable cartridges and a refueling hose. Both methods offer expedient refueling times of just a few minutes.